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Archive for March 8th, 2007

Lottery Denouement

Posted by bitguru on March 8, 2007

The jackpot prize pool for Tuesday’s Mega Millions lottery drawing turned out to be $233 million, corresponding to an advertised jackpot of $390 million. The unclaimed jackpot prize pool for the March 2nd drawing was approximately $164.3 million.

The jackpot prize pool is 31.8% of sales so, at a doller per a ticket, 216 million tickets must have been sold for the March 6th drawing to account for the $68.7 million difference. That’s a lot of tickets. Presuming that the numbers on those tickets were chosen uniformly, we’d expect 1.23 of those 216 million tickets to exactly match your ticket. Even if your crazy time-travelling uncle told you the winning numbers in advance, you would expect to be splitting the jackpot two or three ways.

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