Poker and blackjack coming to West Virginia?

Under a new state law, four West Virginia counties will hold referenda to allow poker, blackjack, craps, and roulette at existing racetracks that currently have slot machines. The four counties are Hancock and Ohio (both west of Pittsburgh in the panhandle), Kanawha (home of the state capital and not too far from the Ohio/Kentucky state line), and Jefferson (easternmost county, about an hour from Washington and Baltimore).

Each county decides independently. Jefferson and Ohio counties will hold special elections on June 9. Early voting has already started. Kanawha and Hancock counties were also going to vote on June 9, but missed procedural deadlines. Hancock will vote on June 30. Kanawha will not vote until August.

It will be interesting to see what happens. I’m neither for nor against the referenda, but were Jefferson County’s to pass I would eventually drive over there to check out the poker.


Best Keyboard for Mac Mini?

Since the Mac Mini1 doesn’t come with a mouse and keyboard, I’ve spent some time trying to decide which keyboard is best for it.

This is different from deciding what is the best keyboard. I could say the best keyboard is one featuring the Dvorak key layout. While that would be fine for me, it would hardly be a good recommendation for the general population. Or I could say that this cool keyboard with a 48×48-pixel color display for each and every key is the best, but it costs US$15002. That’s twice the price of a Mini, so hardly appropriate.

So my goal is to find a quasi-normal USB keyboards that are inexpensive, but not so cheap that quality suffers. It’s well worth it, I believe, to spend a few extra dollars for quality input devices3.

I also intend, at least for now, to restrict myself to corded keyboards. There are a lot of wireless keyboards out there, many of them cheaper than corded keyboards, but having to keep changing the batteries is inconvenient and I just don’t see any advantage for most users.

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