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Poker and blackjack coming to West Virginia?

Posted by bitguru on May 26, 2007

Under a new state law, four West Virginia counties will hold referenda to allow poker, blackjack, craps, and roulette at existing racetracks that currently have slot machines. The four counties are Hancock and Ohio (both west of Pittsburgh in the panhandle), Kanawha (home of the state capital and not too far from the Ohio/Kentucky state line), and Jefferson (easternmost county, about an hour from Washington and Baltimore).

Each county decides independently. Jefferson and Ohio counties will hold special elections on June 9. Early voting has already started. Kanawha and Hancock counties were also going to vote on June 9, but missed procedural deadlines. Hancock will vote on June 30. Kanawha will not vote until August.

It will be interesting to see what happens. I’m neither for nor against the referenda, but were Jefferson County’s to pass I would eventually drive over there to check out the poker.


2 Responses to “Poker and blackjack coming to West Virginia?”

  1. […] The voters of Ohio County approved their referendum with 65.7% of 11,524 ballots cast. […] The voters of Jefferson County, an hour west of Baltimore and Washington, defeated their referendum. […]

  2. […] Jefferson County voted again last week, and this time the referendum passed 59% to 41%. Charles Town Races & Slots is already prepping 30,000 square feet of space for table games to start in June or so. […]

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