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Impressive iPhone Ads

Posted by bitguru on June 4, 2007

I know some people who have been almost drooling over the impending iPhone device, but it hasn’t interested me much. Maybe if I could write my own apps for it, or if it didn’t cost so much….

I must say, though, that the television advertisements Apple has posted for the thing are fairly impressive. I won’t be switching carriers to AT&T/Cingular, but perhaps I’ll be paying more attention to the iPhone.

If you take a look at the calimari ad, near the end they do this thing with Google Maps that I often do myself with my web browser. Until lately I’ve used Yahoo Maps for this because of its integration with Yahoo Yellow Pages (which I guess is now called Yahoo Local). If you follow that last link to it will give you a list of seafood restaurants ordered by distance from a location.

I don’t use Yahoo Maps anymore because they’ve changed it. I used to start from a location in Yahoo Maps and pull up one of these lists of businesses sorted by distance. This used to be easy but they’ve gradually been making it less and less convenient, ostensibly to catch the “web 2.0” wave. A few days ago the level of inconvenience finally pushed past my threshold.

Trouble is, Google Maps doesn’t work for me either. It doesn’t show business that I know exist, plus too many false positives make it through Google’s fuzzy logic. Showing pins on a map is fine, but I’d prefer something that pulls data from yellow pages listing like Yahoo did/does. Any suggestions?

One Response to “Impressive iPhone Ads”

  1. PB said

    Have you tried Ask?

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