Swing single threading rule and JSR-296

I didn’t make it to the JavaOne conference this year, but I notice that the slides and video (registration required) have been posted for the session on JSR-296: Swing Application Framework.

The Swing Application Framework has a number of goals, but one of them is to provide an Application class that has lifecycle methods for the programmer to implement, sort of like the existing Applet class. Application makes it easier not to violate the more-stringent Swing threading rule by invoking its startup method on the event thread. [I originally wrote by automatically invoking but it’s not automatic. One must call launch(MyClass.class, argv) from main, which then calls startup(argv) via reflection.]

The idea is that JSR-296 will eventually be part of the JDK7 or JDK8. It’s possible to use it now as an external library, but the API is subject to change. It’s also possible to write code inspired by JSR-296 without actually using the library. Like other attempts to comply with the Swing threading rule, this is ugly but I throw it out there for discussion.

import javax.swing.*;

public class HelloWorld {

	/** If this class extended JSR-296's Application or
	 *  SingleFrameApplication class, this would be the
	 *  implementation of the abstract startup method. */
	protected void startup(String[] argv) {
		JLabel bulletin =
			new JLabel("Hello, world!", JLabel.CENTER);

		JFrame frame = new JFrame("Bulletin");
		frame.getContentPane().add(bulletin); //add to CENTER
		frame.setSize(200, 150);

	/** emulate JSR-296's launch(HelloWorld.class, argv) */
	public static void main(final String[] argv) {
		SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable() {
			public void run() {
				new HelloWorld().startup(argv);				

I’m not real fond of this code. For starters, the protected and final keywords aren’t beginner-friendly. (Though I suppose startup() could just as easily be declared public instead.) The search for beginner-friendly threading-compliant Swing code continues…

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