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Presidential Footwear

Posted by bitguru on June 25, 2007

G.W. Bush’s feetThe front page of one of the inner sections of Friday’s Washington Post featured a photograph and story concerning presidential footwear (registration required, or look here for unhampered photo without story).

I didn’t read the entire story, but its primary focus is the brand of shoes. I have no opinion on this. In fact, as of Father’s Day I too own a pair of Crocs.

A secondary aspect of the story is its contribution to the continuing debate on whether wearing socks with Crocs is necessarily a style violation (and, if not, which sock colors are permissible). I have no opinion on this either. Yes, it does look a bit tacky but I’m definitely a fan of socks in general.

But there’s something else that astonishes me about the story, though it doesn’t seem to be getting much coverage. G.W. Bush wears presidential-seal socks?!? I mean, how uncool is that?

I guess I shouldn’t allow Bush to astonish me anymore after all he’s done, but what’s next? Sean Connery wearing James Bond 007 socks??

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One Response to “Presidential Footwear”

  1. Alan Cole said

    Shucks, I wear sneakers (all-black) with quasi-tuxedo attire as a performance outfit. If I was sure I’d be back several rows from the front, I might even wear black Crocs (or generic fake Crocs) — with black sox, of course, just to make sure my pale ankles wouldn’t create glare from the stage lighting.


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