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computer trouble, part 2

Posted by bitguru on December 27, 2007

This is the continuing saga of my new MacBook experience. At least it was going to be, but I’ve decided on brevity over particulars. I’m sure you will miss all the boring details I’ve cut from this blog entry.

I finally had time to open the box and play with the new MacBook the next day after work. On initial boot Apple gives the chance to migrate files from a previous mac, and I had picked up a $1 firewire cable from a computer store bargain bin for this purpose. It didn’t go so smoothly, though, as I ended up severely corrupting the old mac’s hard drive. My best guess is I didn’t fully insert the cable into one of the firewire sockets.

Thwarted, the first thing I did was manually move over most of the data I wanted from the old mac. Then I tried to use the Migration Assistant to duplicate what the initial-boot-copy would have done. (I already had most of my files, but I wanted it to cleanly migrate trickier things like email archives and iTunes tracks.) This turned out to be a huge hassle, mostly because I had already used the same name for the fresh account on the new mac.

Eventually, after much directory renaming, chmod and chowning, and messing with the Users control panel, I succeeded. Actually, I succeeded too well, as it migrated a few GB of stuff I had hidden so that it wouldn’t be copied. Despite the trouble I had, the Migration Assistant is a pretty amazing tool. Using the new mac felt just like using the old one, as even stuff like URL histories and default web form field values had been copied.

After the migration, I was able to reformat the old mac’s hard drive and install OSX anew. As a result it works fine again, though I did wipe out a few things I hadn’t realized hadn’t been copied over, such as local copies of JDK javadocs which I use all the time and haven’t gotten around to replacing yet. Also, the one or two iTunes tracks that I had obtained from the iTunes store refused to play on the new machine.

As for the rebates, I was able to get them all postmarked by the deadlines, though I did wait in line at my local post office to get some hand-canceled because I had waited until the last day. Many of the rebates can be tracked online, but none of those have shown up as received yet, which is slightly worrying.

There’s one addition to the list of rebates I mentioned before. I picked up 4GB of RAM for $80 and am expecting $10 back via rebate. It’s no surprise that the price of RAM keeps dropping, but I hadn’t realized that it had fallen under 2¢/MB. I wasn’t necessarily expecting to max out the MacBook’s RAM right away, but at that price I couldn’t resist.

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