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New iMac is world’s first Montevina machine?

Posted by bitguru on April 28, 2008

Apple released new versions of their iMac all-in-one computer today. What’s interesting is that they appear to use the Intel’s Montevina (“Centrino 2”) platform chipset, which hadn’t been expected to appear until June of this year. Intel has given Apple a jump on one of its products (a quad-core Xeon processor) before but, presuming it is confirmed, Montevina in the new iMacs would qualify as a surprise.

Alas, Apple did not update the Mac Mini, which is now looking quite long in the tooth. In the past Apple has updated the iMac and the Mini simultaneously.

[update: Two articles by TG Daily and Electronista focus on the processor (which does seem to be an Apple exclusive), not the chipset, but do make it clear that the new iMacs are still Santa Rosa machines.]


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