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new Honda hybrids coming

Posted by bitguru on May 24, 2008

Honda has been working on a Prius competitor, a hybrid-only family hatchback they hope to be selling by next year. They will be made in Japan with 100,000 or so intended for the North American market.

Honda FitWhat’s new is that Honda says it will also manufacture a hybrid version of the Fit subcompact, though probably not as soon as 2009. (The Fit is called the Jazz in some markets.) I might be interested in a hybrid Fit. The conventional Fit has been getting surprisingly good reviews—much better than the Toyota Yaris, its competitor in the small car segment, for which no hybrid plans have been announced.

Some people think it is foolish to create hybrid versions of small cars that are already fairly fuel efficient. GM and Chrysler seem to feel this way, but I don’t. I test-drove a hybrid Tahoe the other day and it was nice enough, but I just don’t find that kind of vehicle appealing. The Auto Beat Blog seems to agree with me.

The Telegraph reports that four new Honda hybrids are coming, including a two-door sporty car, but doesn’t actually say what the fourth hybrid model will be. Dare I hope for a hybrid minivan?


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