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hybrid minivans “coming soon”

Posted by bitguru on July 15, 2008

There have been few hints as to when hybrid minivans might be available, but the Windsor (Ontario) Star claims they are just around the corner, starting with Chrysler models.

Evidently Mike Omotoso of J.D. Power has some inside information. According to the newspaper, he says Chrysler “intends to put its two-mode hybrid system in the Grand Caravan starting next year” and that it “will be able to sell up to 7.5 per cent of its 2010 minivan production run as hybrids.”

Omatoso also expects hybrid minivans from Toyota by 2010, as reported elsewhere.

2 Responses to “hybrid minivans “coming soon””

  1. […] announcing plug-in hybrid vehicles “targeted to be produced in 2010 for consumers in North American markets.” […]

  2. […] this week Ford announced that it will introduce a battery-powered van in 2010 […]

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