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Honda Insight reborn for 2010

Posted by bitguru on September 4, 2008

2010 Honda Insight ConceptThe original two-seater Insight was the first gas-electric hybrid vehicle sold in North America. (The Prius hit the market earlier, but only in Japan.) It had some inovative features, such as aluminum bodywork, but sold poorly and was discontinued after the 2006 model year.

Now Honda has revealed the new Insight, still a hybrid but this time with a back seat. The concept vehicle looks similar to the second-generation Prius, with which it was designed to compete. It may prevail, as it will be priced several thousand dollars below the Prius. I’m guessing they dropped the expensive aluminum bodywork.

It should be available in spring 2009. Honda plans to sell 200,000 of them yearly, half in North America.


2 Responses to “Honda Insight reborn for 2010”

  1. It would be awesome if these were already coming to America ready for Natural gas. That is the next step!

  2. Honda generally makes good cars. When I drive a Honda, it’s obvious that people who enjoy driving were involved in the development, Honda is the best

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