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third-party mini-DisplayPort adapters available next week

Posted by bitguru on January 11, 2009

miniDP-to-DVI and miniDP-to-VGA adapters from MonopriceRespected discount cable house Monoprice has added miniDisplayPort-to-DVI and miniDisplayPort-to-VGA adapters to its catalog with an ETA of January 16, 2009.

Third-party adapters were expected after Apple licensed the mini-DisplayPort spec, but it’s nice to see them actually arrive. Monoprice’s prices are about half of Apple’s, which is also welcome.

I was also expecting to see miniDisplayPort-to-DisplayPort and miniDisplayPort-to-HDMI adapters, and also actual miniDP cables (as opposed to short adapters), but none have appeared yet. Perhaps they are on their way.

[update: The catalog now also lists a miniDisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter.]


2 Responses to “third-party mini-DisplayPort adapters available next week”

  1. andreas said

    Hi there,
    is there any chance to get hold of an adapter for micro-DVi (1st Gen. Mac Book Air) to mini-display port?

    [That won’t happen. DVI signals and DisplayPort signals are too different. -ed]

  2. […] Circuit Assembly Corp. sells not only the three types of adapters that Monoprice does but also two it doesn’t. […]

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