Sierra Mist Ruby Splash

Sierra Mist Ruby Splash logoThere’s a new variety of Sierra Mist (PepsiCo’s clone of Sprite) out on store shelves. It’s called Sierra Mist Ruby Splash and it’s pretty darn tasty. Unlike some variations Pepsi has introduced, this one would seem not to be a limited edition or seasonal flavor but a permanent addition to the line.

It has a grapefruit flavor layered on top of the lemon-lime, but it’s not quite the same as other grapefruit sodas such as A-Treat or Squirt. Its appearance differs too. Sierra Mist Ruby Splash is clear, not cloudy.

I’ve cut down down on my soda consumption over the last few years, but I’m looking forward to imbibing Ruby Splash again before too long.

Pepsi also sells a diet version of Ruby Splash sweetened with aspartame/acesulfame instead of glucose/fructose. I think most diet beverages taste terrible (or at least worse than tap water) but I tried Diet Sierra Mist Ruby Splash anyway for the sake of the blog. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t much care for it. Your milage may vary.


more third-party mini-DisplayPort adapters

miniDP-to-DP cable from Circuit Assembly Corp.Monoprice started selling mini-DisplayPort adapters a few months ago, but now another vendor has joined the game. Circuit Assembly Corp. sells not only the three types of adapters that Monoprice does (albeit at slightly higher prices) but also two it doesn’t.

  • The miniDP(female)-to-DP cable allows owners of laptops/desktops with full-size DisplayPort ports to connect to those crazy miniDP-only displays Apple (and others) sell.

Kudos to Circuit Assembly Corp. for finally providing interoperability between DisplayPort and mini-DisplayPort that had long been expected.