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Poker near DC (2010 update)

Posted by bitguru on January 11, 2010

In my previous post I said that Charles Town, West Virginia, may become the obvious choice for residents of Washington and Baltimore that want to play poker or table games such as blackjack starting this summer. I may have spoken too soon.

Pennsylvania signed into law legislation permitting poker and table games at its racinos. Cards could by flying as soon as July, but it will probably take longer than that. I have added existing Pennsylvania casinos to the map in yellow (Charles Town in is red) but the 2004 Pennsylvania law that legalized slots allows five additional locations that haven’t yet been built. The new law could potentially hurry that process.

Click on the View Larger Map link to see not only a larger map but a list of city names. Click on the map pins (on either the larger map or the smaller one) to see venue details.

Not shown on the map are the Ohio cities of Columbus, Toledo, Cincinnati and Cleveland. Those aren’t particularly close to Washington D.C. but casinos will likely open there in 2011.


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