blockheadI see this sight often when I walk around at the office.

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s almost always good for a chuckle.

The login window obscures the entire face yet the little guy’s chin, forehead, and both ears are visible. It couldn’t have turned out better on purpose.

I’m not Kisslish

My four-year old son often claims, “I’m not ticklish.” But when he was receiving some kissing this afternoon, possibly against his will, he declared, “I’m not kisslish.” Cute, eh? He’s been impressing me with his vocabulary lately, and not only with made-up (if apt) words.

I’m unsure of spelling the of kisslish. He clearly pronounced it with three syllables, so I almost went with kisselish or kissleish. But ticklish is usually pronounced with three syllables in my experience, though my dictionary does not concur.

As an aside, what’s the deal with commas before quotation marks? I reluctantly included them here because they have been deemed correct, but I don’t like it. I don’t use them when composing email and other informal communications. I’m not sure why I don’t put blog entries in that category.