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Nebraska officially to join the Big Ten

Posted by bitguru on June 14, 2010

Big Ten conference logo showing '12' in the negative space. I have terrible photoshop skills, but image may be used with attribution.

The Big Ten Conference just admitted the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, starting with the 2011-12 academic year. The Big Ten is not necessarily planning to stop at 12 teams, but that’s where it is for now. Here are my thoughts:

  • The Big Ten already has too many red teams, and Nebraska exacerbates this. I’m not even counting Minnesota here, with its yellow (ostensibly maroon and gold), but only the red-and-hueless teams:
    • Indiana – cream and crimson
    • Nebraska – scarlet and cream
    • Ohio State – scarlet and grey
    • Wisconsin – cardinal and white

    That’s fully a third of the conference. (Perhaps this is reason enough to disqualify Rutgers from any expansion talk?)

  • Nebraska is a reasonably good academic and geographic fit. It has been an AAU member since 1909 and is 300 miles from the Iowa campus, 425 from the Minnesota campus.
  • Many have pointed out that Omaha and Lincoln are not big TV markets, but Nebraska has rabid alums sprinkled over the country. Believe that many of these will pressure their local cable systems to cary BTN, or will switch to DirecTV or FiOS for it.
  • It is widely presumed that the conference will create two six-team divisions, but I have yet to see a preposed alignment that makes sense to me. It will be difficult to do this and keep everyone happy.

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